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These bizarre, sensational statements sound like they were ripped from the headlines of The National Enquirer, but they are grounded in solid scientific research. What do Tiger Woods, Benjamin Bratt, and Lenny Kravitz have in common? Their interracial heritage. This mixed ancestry gives them better genes and stronger, healthier, better-looking bodies.

Alon Ziv presents evidence from academic journals, world history, pop culture, and recent census counts to prove that interracial individuals have significant physical and mental advantages. From the sex lives of bedbugs to the remarkable feats of professional athletes, he illustrates how biology influences every aspect of our lives and how the right combination of genes can make all the difference.

The book also addresses why we choose the mates we do; why, in the past, brides and grooms looked more similar than different; and why this is all about to change. The shifting racial demographics of the United States signal that we are on the cusp of a mixed race explosion. Breeding Between The Lines explains what this transformation means and what we can expect for the future of race relations in America.